Made for a friend, Overkill with the fans!


 Lets Start.


This is The Galaxy pc case that I bought and still have all the plastic wrappings on. Left some o2 sim cards inside by accident. As you can see this is a normal sized case.



I inserted a 120mm fan so it blows out all the heat that builds up within the casing. Also its direcly infront of the motherboard so it helps alot



Thats the front, sorry for the blurry pic. It has 1 Neon strip on either side of the casing's front.   


Thats the side window. There is a blue fan in the middle helping the flow and making the xbox case look miles nicer. The middle part looks like a half demented bat! - BUT it looks nice and gives maximum visability.


There are two usb ports on the front of the case at the bottom. To make this case fully functional, I changed the 5x2 pin motherboard connection to two usb male ports.  


Thats the Rf Module on the xbox. (The part where you can put it on and see what player you are) I extended the led's and wired the on switch to the casing. 

I've inserted inside the xbox 360 motherboard and started to measure all the dimentions along with drilling holes to hold down the board.

 Also the power supply only comes on with a pc motherboard so I wired it so it come on all the time:


Ive inserted a memory card Reader for the xbox so then you can put movies, mp3's and pictures on a memory card and youll be able to view them all on the xbox 360 console.


I just thought i'd include a pic of some of the mess you can make. (theres more behind me) As you can see, my old xbox 360 mod is on the top right. see the differance? (the room's all clean now, don't worry)



Its what i need to cut in order to acces the av,usb and ethernet ports.  


IT COMES ON!! at last. 7 fans are there and the 8th is on the case. Ive wired everything up including the LED's and the eject button, the 20gb hard drive and everything else that you can see. 



Working on the floor and having a messy setup is an essential part of the mod. I couldn't have done without it.



Now just put the case on and make sure everything is fine and BOB'S YOUR UNCLE.  As you can see, top right of the window, theres four leds. They are the player quadrants on the xbox that have been extended.  

Now thats the beast. Please let me know what you think of this and write a comment on the have your say page!  Purchasing page is now available

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